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2024        How the Radical Right Has Changed Capitalism and Welfare in Europe and the USA. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


2018        Strong Governments, Precarious Workers: Labor Market Policy in the Era of Liberalization. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

Edited special issue

2022        The Radical Right and Welfare Politics: Causes and Consequences (with Marius Busemeyer) West European Politics 45 (1).

Peer-reviewed journal articles

2023        How the Eurozone shapes populism: A comparative political economy approach (with Jonathan Hopkin). Journal of European Public                        Policy, online first.

                Research featured in Intereconomics: Review of European Economic Policy for a Forum on the European Parliament Elections 2024.

2023        Varieties of Just Transition? Eco-Social Policy Approaches at the International Level (with Luca Cigna, Emina Hasanagic, Elke Heins,

                Torben Fischer). Social Policy and Society, online first

2022        Unemployment benefit governance, trade unions and outsider protection in Conservative welfare states (with Daniel Clegg & Elke

                Heins). Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research, 28 (2): 195-210.

2022        How the Eurozone disempowers trade unions: the political economy of competitive internal devaluation (with Arianna Tassinari). 

                Socio-Economic Review 20 (1): 323-350. 

                Research featured in: LSE EUROPP Blog, Work in Progress (American Sociological Association), Arbeit & WirtschaftMakronom 

                (Online-Magazin für Wirtschaftspolitik), Rivista il Mulino

2022        When do social democratic parties unite over tough immigration policy? (with Fabio Wolkenstein). West European Politics 45 (5), 979-


2022        Protagonists or consenters: radical right parties and attacks on trade unions (with Michael B. Klitgaard). Journal of European Public

                Policy 29 (7): 1049-1071.

                Research featured in Agenda PúblicaLSE European Politics & Policy Blog (EUROPP), and Makronom.

2022        How to study the populist radical right and the welfare state? (with Marius Busemeyer). West European Politics 45 (1): 1-23

2022        Authoritarian values and the welfare state: the social policy preferences of radical right voters (with Marius Busemeyer & Alexander 

                Sahm). West European Politics 45 (1): 77-101.

                Research featured in New York TimesSocial Europe., and podcast interview with A Correction Podcast.

2021        Deserving Austrians First: The Impact of the Radical Right on the Austrian Welfare State (with Martin Gruber-Risak). Comparative Labor

                Law and Policy Journal 42 (1), 43-60.  

2021        Makers against takers: the socio-economic ideology and policy of the Austrian Freedom Party. West European Politics 44 (3): 635-660.

2019        No Flexicurity without trade unions: The Danish experience. Comparative European Politics 17 (1): 1-21.    


2018        When weak governments confront inclusive trade unions: The politics of protecting labour market outsiders in the age of dualization.

                European Journal of Industrial Relations 24 (1): 5-22.

2017        Relying on weak governments: Austrian trade unions and the politics of smoothed dualisation. Austrian Journal of Political Science

                45 (3): 45-55.

Book chapters

2023        Zwischen neoliberalem Erbe und selektivem Protektionismus: Zur Entwicklung rechtspopulistischer Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitik.

                In: Ambivalenzen in der Transformation von Sozialpolitik und Wohlfahrtsstaat: Soziale Arbeit, Care, Rechtspopulismus und Migration. 

                edited by Roland Atzmüller, Fabienne Décieux, Benjamin Ferschli. Beltz Juventa: pp. 144-158. 

Book reviews

2024        Book reviews of “Recording Power: Tactics for Mobilizing Tech Workers” (Sydney A. Rothstein, Oxford UP) and “Exit, Voice, and

               Solidarity: Contesting Precarity in the US and European Telecommunications Industries” (Virginia Doellgast, Oxford UP). Perspectives on                  Politics, online first.

2022        Eppur si muove: Zur vergleichenden Wohlfahrtsstaatsforschung nach dem „goldenen Zeitalter“. Book review of “The Oxford Handbook

                of the Welfare State” (edited by Daniel Béland, Kimberly J. Morgan, Herbert Obinger, Christopher Pierson). Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

                48 (3): 455-461.

2021        Book review of “Sozialstaat Österreich (1945–2020). Entwicklung – Maßnahmen – internationale Verortung“ (Emmerich Tálos, Herbert

                Obinger). Austrian Journal of Political Science 50 (2): 23-24.

2021        Boris Johnson, Donald Trump und wer kommt als Nächstes? Book review of "The Assault on Truth. Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and the

                Emergence of a New Moral Barbarism" (Peter Oborne). Falter (Austrian weekly), June 30.

2020        Donald Trumps Strategie des plutokratischen Populismus. Book review of "Let Them Eat Tweets: How the Right Rules in an Age of

                Extreme Inequality" (Jacob Hacker, Paul Pierson). Falter (Austrian weekly), September 16.

2020        Book review of "Reconstructing Solidarity: Labour Unions, Precarious Work, and the Politics of Instutitonal Change in Europe" (edited by

                Virginia Doellgast, Nathan Lillie, and Valeria Pulignano). Journal of Social Policy 49 (3): 668-670.

2020        Denkimpulse am Weg zu einem Green New Deal. Book reviews of “A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New Deal“ (Kate Aronoff et

                al.) and “The Case for the Green New Deal” (Ann Pettifor). Falter (Austrian weekly), February 26.



2024        United in Diversity: The Economic Policy Platforms of the EU's Far-Right. Intereconomics: Review of European Economic Policy 59 (2):


2022        Einfach mehr Druck machen? Perspektiven zur Arbeitsmarktreform (with Lukas Lehner). Der Standard, March 21.

2021        ¿Siguen estando mejor juntos? Socialdemocracia y sindicatos en el siglo XXI. Agenda Pública in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert

                Foundation (FES) on the Future of the European Left, October 22.

                Resposted in English in LSE European Politics and Policy Blog (EUROPP) and in German in Makronom.

2021        The radical right is not a pro-welfare party (with Marius Busemeyer). Social Europe, April 7.

2020        Uniti da un destino comune. Sindacati e governance economica europea oltre le divisioni Nord-Sud (with Arianna Tassinari). La rivista il

                Mulino, October 14.

2020        The Eurozone poses challenges for labour at large - and not just for the 'South' (with Arianna Tassinari). LSE European Politics and

                Policy Blog (EUROPP), August 12.


                Reposted in Work in Progess: Sociology on the economy, work and inequality, American Sociological Association (ASA), September 2.

2020        Warum die Euro-Architektur die Gewerkschaften schwächt (with Arianna Tassinari). Makronom - Online-Magazin für Wirtschaftspolitik,

                July 6.

2020        Die Beschäftigten als VerliererInnen in der Eurozone? (with Arianna Tassinari). Arbeit & Wirtschaft Blog, May 23.

2020        Österreichische Familienpolitik verstärkt Geschlechterungleichheit (with Tobias Wiss). Momentum Institut, March 8.

2020        Politische Ursachen von Ungleichheit am Arbeitsmarkt. WISO - Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitische Zeitschrift 43 (1/20), 80-85.

2019        Warum starke Regierungen zu prekärer Arbeit führen. ÖGPW-Politikwissenschaftsblog, Der Standard, February 14.

2019        Why strong governments are bad for precarious workers. Cornell University Press Blog, January 8.

2017        Third-way à la française: What do Macron’s reforms involve and how likely are they to succeed? (with Fabio Wolkenstein). LSE European

                Politics and Policy Blog, June 23.

2016        Reform oder Untergang: Ist die SPÖ noch zu retten? (with Fabio Wolkenstein). Der Standard, May 2.

2016        A long goodbye to the grand coalition: Austria’s presidential election (with Fabio Wolkenstein). LSE European Politics and Policy Blog,

                May 3.

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