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Current and previous teaching

Courses organised at University of Edinburgh:

  • Party Politics and Welfare States in Democratic Capitalism (UG honours elective). Evaluation result: 4.66 (5-1 scale). Nominated for Edinburgh University Student Association's (EUSA) teaching awards in the category Outstanding Course.​

  • Comparative Social Policy: Global Perspectives (UG pre-honours core course, 80-100 students). Evaluation result: 4.55 (5-1 scale). 

  • Politics of the Welfare State (UG pre-honours core course, +250 students)Evaluation result: 4.10 (5-1 scale).

  • Personal Tutor for Social Policy student cohort 2020/2021

Courses contributed to at University of Edinburgh:

  • Analytical Perspectives in Social Policy (UG course).

  • Comparative Social Policy: Global Perspectives (UG lecture).

  • Political Economy of Work and Welfare (UG course).

  • European Social Policy (PG course).

  • Labour Market Policy in Europe (UG course).

Courses taught at University of Konstanz:

  • European Political Economy (MA course). Evaluation result: 1.53 (1-5 scale).

  • Causes and Consequences of Radical Right-Wing Populism (BA course). Evaluation result: 1.15 (1-5 scale).

  • Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences (BA & MA course, 2x). Evaluation result: 1.25 & 1.60 (1-5 scale).

Course taught at University of Salzburg:

  • Comparative Social Policy (BA course). Evaluation result: 6.7 (7-1 scale).



Current PhD supervision

  • Sif Beyer-Hunt: The Centre-Right and Family Policy Change in Germany and the UK.

  • Irene Ktori: Welfare State Transformations and Democratic Backsliding in Hungary and Poland. 

  • Larissa Nenning: The Politics of Part-Time Work in Austria. 

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