Current and previous teaching

Autumn 2021: Contributing lecturer in Comparative Social Policy: Global Perspectives (UG), Political Economy of Work and Welfare (PG), European Social Policy (PG), University of Edinburgh.

Spring 2021: Course organiser in Politics of the Welfare State (core course for UG students, University of Edinburgh). Evaluation result: 4.1 (5-1 scale). Contributing lecturer in Labour Market Policy in Europe (UG), University of Edinburgh.

Autumn 2020: Contributing lecturer in European Social Policy (PG) and Political Economy of Work and Welfare (UG), University of Edinburgh.

Autumn 2019: Comparative Social Policy (BA-seminar). Evaluation result: 6.7 (7-1 scale), University of Salzburg.

Spring 2017: Causes and Consequences of Radical Right-Wing Populism (BA-seminar). Evaluation result: 1.15 (1-5 scale). Qualitative methods in social science (BA/MA-seminar). Evaluation result: 1.60 (1-5 scale), University of Konstanz.

Autumn 2016: European Political Economy (MA-seminar). Evaluation result: 1.53 (1-5 scale). Qualitative methods in social science (BA/MA-seminar). Evaluation result: 1.25 (1-5 scale), University of Konstanz.



Current PhD supervision

Sif Beyer-Hunt: The Centre-Right and Family Policy Change in Germany and the UK.

Irene Ktori: Welfare State Transformations and Democratic Backsliding in Hungary and Poland. 

Larissa Nenning: The Politics of Part-Time Work in Austria.